Quick Response

Today’s discerning customer is well aware of the products & service available in the market. As such it is very important for the marketer to know the following, which, in turn, he could share with the customer and convince him on the organisation’s strength, product’s services etc, and


It is important for our marketing team as well as for the distributors/dealers and the team to have complete product knowledge, so that they can share with the customer/user about the product quality, its features and benefits and convince the customer. Knowledge on how the product functions and how to attend to minor service problems is equally important. Complete information has been provided in the “Training Programme” portion. Necessary tools & tackles such as Screw Driver, Plass etc. as recommended should be readily available to attend to any problem.
Blossom Gas Geyser has exclusive manufacturing setup with state-of-the-art manufacturing facility managed by qualified quality conscious professionals. Only the best quality parts conforming to global standards are being used. Some of the parts salient features are as under.